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summary Blaze Halloween's Forbidden Lust

Blaze Halloween's Forbidden Lust

Ginger is excited for the haunted house she and Kaden put on every year This year things get out of hand when she decides.

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To dress as a very naughty devil Content Warning This story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and.

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Language as well as a fetish some readers might not enjoy Word count 3500 with an additional 350 word sneak peek of Arche.

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    Back in the days before ebooks I used to read a lot of stories on asstrorg and literotica and occasionally write them and one thing I recall finding highly useful was story codes Story codes in case you've never heard of them were acronyms or abbreviations that gave you a uick idea of what you'd find in the tale both the basic eg MF man and woman; MFFF man and three women; mFM man woman and teenage boy etc and the kink

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    If you just want a uick lustful read without regard to the storyline then this one is for you It definitely isn't

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