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Another unsolved casea discarded lover Perhaps you're not the only bleeding heart searching for refuge beneath those steamy sheets Private detective Sunny Loveless so pretty and naive do you still believe in happy endin.

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Lullabies and Lies

DEAR MS LOVELESSDo you want your daughter backalive We're watching youand that distractingly handsome detective Griffin Stone His sharp eyes cut right through your lies; and talking to the police can get you into troubl. ERP Demystified into troubl.

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Ethe fatal kind Don't fool yourself Sunny Griff's sorrowful past haunts his present You can't make him love again and no one can protect your sweet little Emily from me Once Griff finds his missing piece you'll be just.

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    For a uick easy read the story was decent You wanted to know what was going on That being said the main female character drove me nuts I know she is upset about her daughter but come on she is a freaking private detective she should know bet

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    Used Good Light shelf wear; Light creases on spine

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