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Simple Fountains

From small tabletop models to full size backyard waterfalls fountains can add beauty and serenity to any setting Expert landscaper Dorcas Adkins offers step by step instructions for.

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Esign Adkins helps you create a water feature that suits your personal taste and style Build your own fountain and enjoy the soothing sounds and playful visual effects of moving wate.

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Creating elegant fountains that use a wide variety of materials With advice on everything from installing uiet magnet driven pumps to working bonsai trees into an ethereal fountain d.

About the Author: Dorcas Adkins

Dorcas Adkins the author of Simple Fountains formerly owned and operated Adams Adkins Inc a company making tabletop fountains and other garden ornaments Adkins lives in Washington DC with two cats Harrie and Sushi She continues to design build and write about custom fountains and other garden related projects

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