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Highly amusing; in a nearly human way the new icons are fun posh posing and swankyPhilippe Schlienger lives and works in the Orne region of France A pioneer in digital photography he also has vast experience in advertising architecture and business On top of his commissioned work he conducts researches on how to intervene into deeply familiar items to create magical images.



Philippe Schlienger's roosters stare at us with aggressiveness and an anxiety common to all birds But what a shock to be faced with these roosters dressed for parade Blazing dazzling glittering they are fantastic One has a stiffened and colored crest standing like a punk hairdo Another sports a drooping comb that looks like genital organs All were bred by a passionate colle.

DOWNLOAD Ú JIMFORD.CO.UK ½ Philippe Schlienger

Ctor of roosters The reader cannot help being confused by such random shapes colors and textures The original framing and distinctness of the pictures are a trademark of the artist He has created animal icons new kinds of fashion victims The malicious eye of Philippe Schlienger has succeeded in emphasizing the eccentricity of the rooster The narcissism of the brave beast is.