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In this book we look at DOM or Depth Market Depth Depth of Market or just “the ladder” – it’s all the same It’s a new style of trading and it’s than just an order entry window It’s a way to read the current marketThere is not a lot of DOM education online or in books It’s probably because it.

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Depth of Market Trading Setups

’s not a simple approach to trading – and the material that clams to have the simple answers is the stuff that sells Unfortunately it's also the stuff that doesn't work DOM is now the way all active futures traders trade That makes it ‘need to know’ information Sure it has some complexities but it's.

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Not rocket science eitherThis book is an introduction as well as a list of some suggested patterns you might see when trading DOM The patterns are a place to start and aim to get you thinking about how to read DOM They certainly will not complete your educationThat said it’s certainly enough to get start.

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    Good intro to DOM Trading readingI know the DOM and trading futures like back of hand This content covered every thing someone without a live DOM could What's missing is basic how you trade A newbie would not have limit vs market orders unders